On Circumstantial Propriety

Circumstantial Propriety from Daniel Coffeen on Vimeo.

There is a right thing to do — or, rather, there are appropriate things to be done — but this propriety is immanent to a circumstance. It emerges from amongst all the bodies and parties — people, weather, food, etc — that constitute the always already networked circumstance.

Propriety, then, is not outside the situation but of the situation.

This is the logic — and an odd logic at that — of rhetoric.


roberto echeverría said...

I like it. I liked this very example when you used it in the right time to come home.

This is what Aristotle calls the phronimos?

Steve said...

But how..can I understand that this situation, that moment is right?
For me, when I started think in that way...was the only one answer: "Just now!"..and if I didn't do something - I understood that "the moment has gone..".. but at the same time..I understood that "there are a moment right now! not the same, but it is the moment!"...

So, here's the question: if I take a logic - so I can make some rules to determinate what moment is "right" and what moment "isn't right".
But if I'll take a rhetoric approach - so _every_ _every moment_ will be "right" for a some action..
Am I right? :)